Rocket is a burlesque artist, show producer, model, and singer who has been performing since 2006, when she made her neo burlesque debut at the famous Dante's Sinferno Cabaret in Portland, where she performed for several years. Since then she has performed in the Oregon Burlesque Festival, Miss Kennedy’s Cabaret, Portland Peep Show, Rue Royale Burlesque, and in various shows and venues from San Francisco to Seattle. She has performed as Audrey Horne (Twin Peaks) and the Sandworm (Dune) in the original David Lynch themed cabaret, Black Lodge Burlesque, since 2011. As an entertainer, she is a Pisces dream; passionate and mysterious, with an aptitude for the avant garde and a chameleon-like ability to change her appearance. Booking her will bring something different to any show, as her costumes and choreography are enchanting and ethereal.


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Beyond burlesque, she is a licensed hair and makeup artist, as well as a craftswoman, making headdresses and beautiful accessories, often creating custom work for her clients.


Her hair, makeup and craft work can be found here:



Equally important to her is her event production work.

Alongside burlesque maven Hai Fleisch, Rocket is co-producer at Sign of the Beast Burlesque Productions, producing the original David Lynch inspired cabaret, Black Lodge Burlesque, as well as Portland Metalesque.